So peeps,
After some time out of the ‘blog-sphere’, I am back!
A few thoughts and pearls of wisdom for you all….

Firstly, our BEACH CLEAN event which we held on the 17th March. Many many thanks to all of the people that turned up for this, it really was an awesome effort. We collected various flotsam and jetsam, plastics, bottles, cans and general nasties from our lovely Rock Beach…
I for one loved it so much so that we are holding another event.
This time its on April 29th. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME TO JOIN US!! 9am meet at the cafe…….

We have now fully introduced bio-degradeable drinking straws, compostable takeaway cups and lids, also compostable takeaway food packaging. We are also trying to cut down our intake of single use plastics from our suppliers…….. I do not see why our veg should come wrapped in plastic bags…..obviously its for ease of weighing/measuring from our veg suppliers end, but COME ON, there is absolutely ZERO need for it.
Our cardboard and all glass bottles are recycled. Our oil is recycled.

I feel very strongly about this issue. Not only because of the amazing ‘Blue Planet’ programme, which catapulted this plastics plight straight onto the screens of the mass population, but also because I have seen an insane increase, not only in ‘washed up’ plastics, but blatant dis-regard for our beautiful environment and constant littering of our footpaths and coastal area in the last 20+ years.
I think there has been a huge shift in peoples perceptions of plastic, of the reality of the literal harm our lifestyles have had and are having on present and future generations.

We were warned about this.
In the past, Environmental campaigners seemed to come with a slight scent of patchouli and such a distant message it was as if it was ‘out of sight, out of mind’
But no more.. The warriors are now your everyday folk, your neighbour Susan and your Aunt Julie, all trying to do their bit, saying no to that plastic straw, trying to make a difference in their own day to day lives…. Milk used to come in glass bottles, Cheese came wrapped in paper, veggies in paper bags. There were not plastic trays under your Bok Choi as there was no Bok Choi. They hadn’t figured out the millions of gas choked air miles needed for that yet.

The butcher, baker, grocery store and veg shop were all local. Teaming with friendly faces offering the best local seasonal produce and a heartwarming smile.
Alas it has changed as we all know.
Something is going on these days……I blame the supermarkets. Smothering literally everything that moves in plastic. Their fluorescent lighting omitting harsh mind numbing ‘light’, their fridges and freezers pumping cold air into their already sterile environment.

We were warned about this.
Its very hard to visualise it until its in your very own back yard, or in your living room on the TV. The awareness of single use plastics is huge. But it takes time to change behaviours towards recycling.

Are we in danger of doing too little too late?
I sincerely hope not, but we need to act fast.
Be aware of our planet, be aware of that plastic straw or plastic pasty wrapper.
We have the power to stop using this stuff. We have the choice.

Together we can all make a change.

Big love to you all…