Our first of many videos for you all…

After much bafflement and hilarity here at Bluetomato HQ, it seems we are ready to share with you videos of your favourites on our menu.

The thing I get asked for the most in the cafe is this recipe.

There is something about a good scone that just sets the world right again…

That just baked firmness, the fluffy innerd, the gentle sweetness, not heavy, not claggy, just perfect!

Of course, lots of you enjoy these little puppies with Cornish butter, but there really is nothing like a whopper dollop of clotted cream and strawberry jam…..is there?

So the first video is our scones… our proper, handmade, delicious scones.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, give it a bash in your own home and think of those lazy summer days, looking out at the boats bobbing in the estuary, just waiting for us to welcome you ‘home’ again.

I must add, without the patience and suffering support of Lukaš Slosiar (Mats brother) none of this would be possible as I’m still yet to work my video recorder from 1992…

Thank you Lukaš, appreciation is a box of scones and a kilo of clotted cream.

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Big love