Thank you and Merry Christmas!

As we near the end of 2021, It comes to mind how extraordinary these past 18 months have been…

A memory I have of about 20 years ago was going to the bank for a whopper mortgage (there was talk of a Bluetomato hotel but that would of taken 2 million and the bank were not interested) **anyone wanting to lend us a couple of million to open the Bluetomato hotel, I’m all ears❤️❤️

In my absolute pigheadedness I suggested to the suits that the ONLY way it wouldn’t work would be the collapse of the tourist economy in Cornwall (to which we all had a good laugh about)

Who knew I was psychic? Albeit 20 years too late but hey…

Anyway, I’m 100% sure you all have stories about highs and lows over this last ‘rona time, probably a lot of sad times, stressful times and worrying times.

We as a collective are inherently duty bound to care for one another, be responsible for each other and respectful of each others individual thoughts and feelings (sometimes it doesn’t feel like this – especially in hospitality – however I firmly believe we all try our best, more so when the shizzle hits the fan and we all deep down love our fellow beings)

Bluetomato HQ has had its fair share of openings, closings, rules and nonsense, all forced upon us by our wonderful governments game of perpetual Hokey Cokey, designed ultimately to keep us safe and aware there is a pandemic going on, although when the sun is shining over the estuary, and the dolphins are jumping around the pontoon at high tide, it’s very easy to forget the weirdness we are living in right now….

Enough of my semi incoherent ramblings…

I want to wish ALL of our customers, their families, and friends a very merry Christmas and an awesome 2022, in which we will come together once again and toast a glass (or coffee) at the fact we are much more fortunate than others and must count our blessings daily.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for your custom and we hope to welcome you all ‘home’ again very very soon…

I love you all